Why Reiki


The two most common questions I have been asked since starting my business are why did you choose Reiki, Michelle, and what can Reiki do for me? I experienced my first Reiki session over twenty years ago. I was sick – really sick. Modern Western medicine had failed me and given up on me. No one knew what was wrong with me, but they felt certain I wouldn’t live to drive a car. I was in so much pain that...Read More

It’s okay to NOT be okay!


Let’s get real people. How much of our lives do we spend living behind a mask? How often do we pretend that everything is great and life couldn’t possibly get any better? And how often is that actually true? So why do we perpetuate this culture that we have to pretend that everything is okay? Why do we insist on hiding our true feelings? For me, I know a lot of it stems from the desire to keep...Read More

Lessons Learned from 2018


2018 was a year of great change in my life. My husband retired from the military. My family was reunited by my parents moving to El Paso. I lost some friends, but made many new ones for whom I am grateful. I transformed my body, mind, and soul. And I embraced my purpose in life and set off in a new career direction. On this 365-day journey, I learned several lessons. To end this year, I’d like to share some...Read More

The Worst Year of My Life


Let me tell you the story of the worst year of my life. It might surprise you which year of my life it was. It wasn’t my eighth-grade year when I was so sick that I missed thirty-two days of school and was told I wouldn’t live to drive a car. It wasn’t my first year after college when I was living alone in a big city and had a job that made me miserable. It was...Read More

What is Reiki?


So you find yourself here, reading this blog, for one of a few various reasons. Perhaps you stumbled across it by chance. Is there really such a thing as chance? Perhaps you are a friend of mine and you’re reading it out of the goodness of your heart. In that case, thank you for your support. Or perhaps you are already a believer in things unseen and are looking for answers. I’m not sure if I will have...Read More

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