​What to Expect

Upon arrival, you will be lead to the treatment room. After a brief discussion of what issues you wish to be addressed during the treatment, you will lie down face up on the treatment table. Pillows and blankets are provided to ensure your comfort. Relaxing music plays softly in the background. After scanning your aura with my palms to determine which chakras are blocked, I start with the chakras in the head, working my way down along the spine. Throughout the treatment, my hands will either be hovering just above or gently resting on you. There is no physical manipulation involved in this treatment.


Choose the session right for you.

Initial Consultation

20 min - FREE
For new clients only. Complimentary consultation that can be held virtually via Skype or Zoom. Includes some Reiki treatment as well as a discussion of the potential benefits of Reiki and recommended treatment plan.

Targeted Treatment

20 min - $30
20 minutes of Reiki targeted to treat a specific area or ailment of your choice such as insomnia, headaches, lower back pain, stomach aches, and many more.

Reiki Rapid Relief

30 min - $45
Focuses on the 8 major chakras to break down the negative energy. Promotes relaxation to decrease the response to stress and provide a sense of peace and well-being. A good treatment for those interested in trying Reiki or those in need of a “quick fix” during periods of high stress between regular treatments.

Reiki Revive

45 min - $55
Focuses on the 8 major chakras and minor chakra joints. Primarily addresses current stressors and negative energies. This treatment is recommended for those looking to combat the stress and negativity associated with everyday life.

Reiki Relaxation

60 min - $65
Addresses the 8 major chakras and minor chakra joints, recent and past negative energy stored in the chakras. This treatment is recommended for those looking to improve their outlook on life and create positive change.

Reiki Restoration

90 min - $95
Addresses the 8 major chakras, hands, feet, minor chakra joints, and recent and past negative energy stored in the chakras. Additional time is spent addressing the emotions behind the blockages through the use of mantras. This treatment is for those looking to overcome physical and emotional ailments as well as those who wish to accelerate their spiritual evolution.

Spiritual Guidance

60 min - $55
An in-depth discussion of current life situations to analyze karma. Advice for affirmations and meditations to use for creating mindset shifts is provided. Also includes the use of Angel Cards to provide a gentle message that assists individuals in gaining insight and clarity into their most personal aspects so they can embrace their inner strength to follow an empowering life path.

Feelin’ Fine Foot Treatment

75 min - $80
Foot soak with salt and essential oils, a detoxifying clay foot masque, hot towels, moisturizer to warm or cool the feet, the application of the GoDesana Whole Body Collection of essential oil blends to support every system of the body, and Reiki concentrated on the feet and ankles. Great for tired, achy feet as well as other aches and pain throughout the body.

Ear Candling

30 min - $25
A relaxing, holistic ear treatment that involves inserting a long, cylindrical candle into the outer ear and lighting it on the other end. The soothing heat helps to draw out ear wax and toxins. Benefits include reduced ear pain and itching, sinus pressure and pain, and headaches. This treatment also include the application of essential oils to boost the immune system and Reiki for the ears, throat, and sinuses.

Whole Body Wellness Balancing

90 min - $95
An effective set of treatments for those who are feeling run down and physically drained. Includes ear candling, Reiki Rapid Relief, and Whole Body foot essential oil treatments to promote wellness and balance throughout all the systems of the body.


Keep yourself tuned up.

Self-care Subscription

Subscribe and Save - $60 per month
3 month minimum commitment. Includes one Reiki Relaxation (60 min) treatment and access to private Facebook group with additional resources for improving one’s energetic health. Save 10% on all additional services.


Give yourself a little extra.

Hydro-massage Table

$1.25 per minute
Relax while the power of water massages your back, all while staying perfectly dry. Great for extra relaxation before or after a Reiki treatment.

Chakra Essential Oils

$10 Per Treatment
Can be added to any Reiki treatment. Chakra oils are special blends of essential oils that help to unblock specific chakras and promote the flow of energy.

Spiritual Guidance

30 min - $25
After your Reiki treatment, we will engage in a discussion about which chakras were affected, what emotions were tied to them, and how you can change your mindset to support those areas. May also include the use of Angel Cards for further guidance and direction.

Whole Body Foot Oil

30 min - $25
Includes the application of 7 different essential oil blends - one for each system of the body. Additional Reiki is concentrated on the feet and ankles. Great for addressing physical aches and pains and providing an extra boost of well-being.


Become a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Level I Certification

Certification $200
For those interested in learning more about Reiki and receiving their first Reiki Initiation to begin practicing on themselves and others. Students will learn the basic history of Reiki and their lineage, the location of the chakras, and the basic hand positions for self-treatment and the treatment of others. Treatments will be practiced on self as well as other students. The class will engage in a discussion of the experience of Reiki for the receivers as well as the practitioners. Students will define what it means to be a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Level II Certification

Certification $300
For those looking to enhance their abilities as a Reiki practitioner and have a deeper understanding of the chakras. Students will receive their second Reiki initiation. Students will learn the first 3 symbols of Reiki and practice using them in treatments. Students will learn how to conduct a distance treatment and practice doing so. Students will learn and practice different scanning techniques for finding blocked chakras. We will engage in a deeper discussion of the chakras and the emotional and experiential connections to them.