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The Art of Reiki


Silence –

There is power in it.

I quiet my mind as I prepare not to think – but to feel and observe.

This time is not about me –

It is about you.

I am just the conduit.

Love flows from my hands, sometimes as a cool breeze, sometimes as hot as a flame;

It flows in to you, enveloping you in its grace and beauty.

I watch it through my mind’s eye as it moves through you,

Helping it along its way,

Encouraging it where it seems unsure.

I feel your pain as if it were my own,

Thank it for what it has to teach us,

And release it to the universe to be transformed.

I feel your body and your spirit relax

As the love of the universe envelops you,

Wrapping you in its warmth like a blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Where once there was darkness and pain, now there is love and light;

Where there was sorrow, there is joy.

I offer a blessing for the time we have spent together

And for what I have learned from you.

It is my honor to serve.

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