The Worst Year of My Life


Let me tell you the story of the worst year of my life. It might surprise you which year of my life it was. It wasn’t my eighth-grade year when I was so sick that I missed thirty-two days of school and was told I wouldn’t live to drive a car. It wasn’t my first year after college when I was living alone in a big city and had a job that made me miserable. It was...Read More

What is Reiki?


So you find yourself here, reading this blog, for one of a few various reasons. Perhaps you stumbled across it by chance. Is there really such a thing as chance? Perhaps you are a friend of mine and you’re reading it out of the goodness of your heart. In that case, thank you for your support. Or perhaps you are already a believer in things unseen and are looking for answers. I’m not sure if I will have...Read More

The Art of Reiki


Silence – There is power in it. I quiet my mind as I prepare not to think – but to feel and observe. This time is not about me – It is about you. I am just the conduit. Love flows from my hands, sometimes as a cool breeze, sometimes as hot as a flame; It flows in to you, enveloping you in its grace and beauty. I watch it through my mind’s eye as it moves through you, Helping it along...Read More

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